1 Day Introduction to Cabin Crew

Your students cabin crew one day course is made up of practical sessions including group work, presentation skills, safety demonstration and learning about all aspects of a typical airline interview and what the job entails. It's your students chance to talk to cabin crew and learn about the job and answer all the questions they have. The training day is conducted in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, which means not only will they learn, but their day will be an enjoyable one.

What is included in the day

We can tailor make the cabin crew day to your students needs.  We can focus on the role of cabin crew and what the job entails to enhance their travel and tourism course.  Or we can focus on recruitment helping to fully prepare and give your your students confidence in applying and attending their cabin crew interview day.  If you feel that both of these aspects will benefit your students this can also be done.  What is covered on the day is up to you.

Below is a list of what may be covered on their training day:


How a cabin crew interview is structured
Your students will understand exactly how a cabin crew interview is structured. We explain what happens from start to finish and what the airline recruitment teams are looking for.

Creating the best first Impressions
Your students will learn how to make the best possible 1st impression at their interview and understand why this is so important.

Preparing for airline interview tests
Your students can experience what it's like completing a typical test paper used by airlines today. We will show them all the information they need to know with guidance from our trainers.

Completing airline application forms
We will point out the areas airlines are most interested in when reading through application forms. Using this information when completing application forms will help your students stand out amongst the rest.

Airline interview group work
Group work is a vital part of an airline interview, your students will be trained on how to act and what to say. Role plays and team exercises on the day will give them an excellent chance to put this into practice.

Presenting to a group of people
Most airlines will require applicants to stand up and present during their interviews. This session will guide your students on how to talk and present themselves clearly without putting them in any embarrassing situations.

Interviews 2 on 1 Stage
The 2 on 1 stage of an airline interview is the most feared, but we will give your student an insight into the kinds of questions they will be asked and what answers to give.


The role of cabin crew

Day in the life of cabin crew Day in the life of cabin crew
A behind the scenes look of the duties involved when working as cabin crew, where they fly to, what salaries can be expected, what questions passengers may ask, what flying program cabin crew can expect to work each month.

A background to aviation and the general airline terminology A background to aviation and the general airline terminology
This will cover very useful phrases and abbreviations used on a day to day basis in the airline industry today. Having this knowledge will also prove useful at any airline interviews your students may attend.

Grooming and dress Grooming and dress
We will explain the image airlines are looking and for and why. We will also explain how your students will need to present themselves at their airline interview.

Safety and emergency procedures Safety and emergency procedures
One of the main responsibilities of cabin crew is safety. We will explain what cabin safety is all about and why it's so important. Your students will also have a change to use the demo equipment.

Cabin services Cabin services
Your students will find out what cabin services are, what the differences are in serving first class passengers compared to economy passengers and what a typical service is.

Airline SEP training courses Airline SEP training courses
This will give your students an insight into what they will learn and what to expect on the SEP training course once you they have got the position as cabin crew.

Question and Answer session
Your students will have the opportunity to speak to the Career In Travel trainer. Each trainer has years of experience working within the airline industry as a cabin crew member and within recruitment. Your students can ask any questions relating to the role of cabin crew.

Photos from the day

Travel & Tourism course tutor comments

"The students loved the course, the trainers were wonderful for the students. We will have them back every year as it is a fabulous opportunity for all ages."