Cabin Crew Life Raft Simulation

We are now pleased to announce the chance for your students to experience what its like in a real life raft with our life raft simulation. This session is taken from an actual airline-training course to give your students first hand knowledge of what it is like to be ditched at sea.

The Life Raft Simulation is a half or full day event and training is conducted by a Career In Travel Trainer who has received full rescue training, all life jackets and emergency equipment will also be provided. The life raft session can either be conducted at your college pool or local leisure centre near to your college.

What your students will gain

At the end of the training your students will have accomplished the following:

  • Why it is so important to work in a team especially in an emergency situation
  • Basic principles of survival
  • The emergency procedure when ditching at sea
  • Survival equipment carried on-board a life raft and how it is used
  • The different types of life rafts on-board an aircraft

It's a great experience for your students and focuses on team building skills, making this something they will never forget. The Life Raft Simulation can either be booked as an add on to our 1 day Cabin Crew training day or on it's own.

Thank you to Hugh Baird who wrote an article outline exactly what their students gained after conducting a life raft simulation at their college.  Click here to read their article.

Life Raft Simulation at Hammersmith College

What is Life Raft training?

Part of an Airlines training programme for prospective cabin crew, is simulating what its like to ditch in the sea and being able to survive in a life raft. We provide the same training for your students, just like an airline conducts theirs.

Common questions about the Life Raft Simulation

Do students wear Life Jackets
Yes, Life jackets are provided, along with all other survival equipment.
How long does the exercise last?
Normally around 2 hours, however this can vary due to the number of students who participate. It can be tailor-made however to suit your college.
Where is it conducted?
Either at your college if a swimming pool is available or at your local leisure centre.
Can this be included within the Career In Travel 1 Day Training Session?
The Life Raft Simulation can be conducted as a stand-alone exercise or included in the Career In Travel holiday rep or cabin crew Training Day.
How many students can attend?
The maximum amount of students for any Life Raft Simulation session is 30. If you have more than 30 students then we can run several sessions over several days.
Is it fun?
Although there is a serious element to the Life Raft Simulation, your students are guaranteed lots of fun. The comments and feedback we have had in the past from both students and tutors have been fantastic.

Life Raft Simulation Snapshots…

Some comments about the Life raft Simulation

Comment from Travel & Tourism course tutor at Cumbernauld College.

"The life raft was a great session for our students and was thoroughly enjoyed - will definitely be having it again."

Comment from Travel & Tourism course leader.

"Life raft was Brilliant! Feedback from the students was excellent and would recommend this course to any other college."

Comment from Travel & Tourism course tutor at Hugh Baird College.

"The life raft practical was extremely successful! "

Comment from Sally Travel & Tourism course tutor.

"The life raft skills on Friday was most enjoyable for all and useful for the students to experience."