Frequently Asked Questions

Day Courses (9)

Yes each training day can be tailor made to suit your own students requirements.

Yes, we can conduct as many of the training days as you wish over as many days.

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Yes you can have a one day course which combines both cabin crew and holiday rep as our trainers have worked in both fields.  You can also combine the cabin crew training with the life raft simulation.

All of the training days are conducted at your college.  The life raft simulation can be held at your college should you have a pool or your local simming centre.

Between 10 to 45 students in one training day.

Yes a certificate is presented to the students at the end of the day. The certificate is recognised within the travel industry with airlines and tour companies.

Yes if you require any information regarding cabin crew or holiday repping then this will be given i.e. any paperwork for example with regards to holiday repping.


Normally start times are at 9.45am and finish around 3.30pm, however these can be changed to suit your own requirements.

Cost varies depending on the number of students attending, for an exact costing please complete the interest form.

Online Training Courses (7)

Approximately each module will take 1 to 2 hours.

Yes all exams and revision tests are completed online and marked automatically.

Yes, you can teach the course modules during class.  Your students can then take the revision test in the classroom or at home.  Alternatively you can leave your students to study in their own time.

Yes it’s all completed online. Your students can login and access their course where ever they have an internet connection.  The course is also fully compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Each student will have a dedicated online course tutor to help them answer any questions they may have about their course.

Many tutors have said that it has enhanced their current courses and the online approach keeps the students interested and engaged with their studies.


Cost varies depending on the number licenses you require. For an exact costing please complete the interest form