Online Cabin Crew Course

About the online Cabin Crew Course

Cabin Crew Diploma offers the most extensive and comprehensive training course online for your students.   Entertaining videos and 24 in-depth learning modules, will ensure a fun and effective learning platform and give your students an invaluable insight into being Cabin Crew. The course also includes recruitment help and advice for those who may need it.

The course is all completed online and your students can login and study at college or home.  There is  no time limit to complete the course, allowing your students to fit the extra studying into their Travel and Tourism course.  Revision tests and the final exam are all marked automatically and their progress can be tracked online.  After completion and passing the final exam each student will be issued with an airline approved Cabin Crew Diploma certificate.

Cost for the online course is charged per educational licence eg. 10 Students will require 10 licences.  The cost of the licences are discounted depending on the number of licences you require and can be as little as £15 per student.  For a free trial of the course or quotation, please contact us using our interest form.

Course Features

  • 24 Course Modules
  • 24 Revision Tests
  • Final Course Exam
  • Cabin Crew Diploma Certificate upon passing final exam
  • Dedicated Course Tutor
  • Dedicated Recruitment Adviser
  • Cabin Crew Recruitment Manual
  • Latest Cabin Crew Job Board
  • Access to Cabin Crew Application Forms
  • Application Form Check and Send Service
  • Latest News Noticeboard

Course Modules

  1. The history of the Cabin Crew position
  2. Criteria to become Cabin Crew and why they are required
  3. Terminology and Definitions
  4. Using the 24 hour clock and the Phonetic Alphabet
  5. Weather conditions that affect flying
  6. Currency Conversion when working as Cabin Crew
  7. Importance of teamwork and communication among Cabin Crew
  8. Personal Presentation of Cabin Crew
  9. Airlines New Entrant Course
  10. An Overview of Normal Cabin Crew Duties
  11. Pre-flight safety briefing of Cabin Crew
  12. The layout of a commercial aircraft
  13. Aircraft communication systems & Passenger Announcements
  14. The Galley
  15. Doors and emergency exits
  16. Types of passengers
  17. Cargo carried within the cabin area
  18. Emergency procedures
  19. Evacuation
  20. Ditching
  21. Aviation First Aid
  22. Physiology of flight
  23. Going the extra mile and top tips when working as Cabin Crew

Travel and Tourism Course Tutor Comments

"The cabin crew ticket online course was a bit hit with our students. The information in the modules was clear, concise and very useful. Some students have used the recruitment help and 2 have jobs with major airlines"

Course Snapshots

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